Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Where has the time gone?

I really think I have a problem with my short term memory. I cannot remember for the life of me what specifically we have been doing over the last two weeks. Which I now realise is the point of a blog, especially if it's used daily. On the up side, I can very clearly recall the exact location of the creme eggs in the fridge, so I can't be that bad..

Manga Girl's beloved hamster Lenny died; it was really devastating for her, and I surprised myself at how I empathised with her grief. Mr Catbus went armed with a spade with her and Mad Fairy up a hill to bury Lenny. This must have looked a bit suspect, given it was 10pm..

I have been wobbling chronically, again, about home ed. However, Manga Girl is really coming into her own now: she is taking things in her stride and every day I see her confidence grow, her ability to reason expand and her passion for what she chooses to explore, my heart and my head can have an equilibrium which no words can truely express.

Mad Fairy constantly amazes me with her sponge like brain. Her incessant and relentless chatter is peppered daily with little titbits of random information she has picked up, like a magnet, along the way, when I wasn't even looking.

Shouting Boy has been poorly, which hasn't affected the volume, despite his cough. He has moved on to the next level, bizarrely after having his hair cut at the barbers for the first time. Luckily he seems to have chilled back down a bit and has been fairly tame.

Jumping Bean has been ill too and ever the reason for our evenings evaporating and my eyes rolling with exhaustion. He is so damn gorgeous though, the sleep deprivation is worth it.

I am pledging a 2 month and a bit late New Years Resolution to try to post at least once a week here, Jumping Bean allowing, that is. Then I can fill in all the blanks, as so far this has not been very specific..

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