Friday, 25 March 2011

Serious case of the wobbles

Well, what can I say? The last few weeks have gone by so fast. Manga Girl had a birthday: one of the guinea pigs died: I wobbled so stupidly, Madfairy was very close to checking out school with a view to going.

Although I am happy to facilitate whatever they want regarding education, I cannot help feel like I steered her that way briefly, due to my own shortcomings or worries.
We discussed it in quite some depth, culminating in writing a list of things she might want to do more of, or make better. Halfway through the list, Madfairy stated that as we had so much on the list, we may as well "cancel the school thing."  She was also not impressed that she would have to write about things, whether they took her fancy or not.

Writing currently takes her fancy when doing a menu for her cafe, at present, or speech bubbles in cartoon pictures. Her reading is amazing, as is her ability to grasp many concepts. Maths seems to float her boat at the moment.

I was fortunate enough to have a long phone call with a woman that is a true HE veteran. She put pay to many of my wobbles, including those about Manga Girl. For a good while, I have been concerned that her obsession/passion for all things manga/anime/Japanese is 'too narrow'.
She is, admittedly, brilliant at drawing, and has gone to the library of late and got herself a Japanese dictionary..It is amazing seeing the font of knowledge she has about all of this, and it is hard sitting on my hands and hoping this is all okay. Despite attempts to further/steer this interest, she will not deviate from the path she clearly knows she's on.

Said veteran said something quite resonating, regarding all of this: 'Imagine if Motzart's Mother would have said to him "Don't do that ALL the time, do this instead, pottery would be more interesting, surely?".'

So I am getting the hang of Autonomous Education, slowly but surely. And getting that I need to have faith in my children.
This truely is a rollercoaster..

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