Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Stanley Man

Shouting Boy had a fantastic time today.

The Stanley Man came to fix the burner today: Shouting Boy immediately raced upstairs, donning his toolbelt and various irrelevant tools for the job. Stanley Man, luckily, was very accommodating to the Boy's needs: he let him sit close by and talked him through taking the burner apart. The most important part of which involved blowing up his rubber glove, which Shouting Boy took extremely seriously! Now that was a priceless Home Ed 'lesson'. Shouting Boy was very proud of himself, despite Madfairy stifling her giggles at his overly serious behaviour..

A bizarrely peaceful day chez Catbus, with much playing and even more laughter. Manga Girl in stitches watching Shouting Boy 'ON THE PHONE TO GRANDAD SO JUST BE QUIET, TUT, TUT, OKAAAY' in the back yard. She helped him ride his bike. Jumping Bean joined in the fun, boinging about inside and out. Mr Catbus working not far away, which always adds to the vibe.

Spring is springing and it feels good. Catbus is totally in love with her children, especially on a day like today.
Mr Catbus isn't bad either...


  1. awww, sounds like fun the sunshine is making everyone smile :)

  2. I have given you the LIEBSTER AWARD.(There is a post on my blog with more info). I really enjoy your blog and think you deserve it :).