Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Catbus is back!!

Well, frigadoodledoo. I have just discovered that this here blog has remained stagnant and untouched since March. I am ashamed. Yet I still have the excuse of an awful sleep routine, courtesy of Jumping Bean, who has not long had his first birthday..
You would think he would be sleeping better, but no: 3 hour blocks maximum at night, and has a definite boob obsession. Which in itself is knackering.

Anyhooo, back to the subject of blogging and such. So much has happened again I cannot seriously remember half of it. Although there have been many ups and downs as per.

Mad Fairy did eventually return to school in June. This lasted half a term...
Although she made friends and amazed me with the way she took it all in her stride, the crux of it was that she felt completely affronted when told she 'hadn't done enough work' and was up in arms when told to put fingers on lips when finished working. I honestly thought that sort of thing went out with flares. Although, come to think of it, I suppose flares come in and out of fashion, so I expect fingers on lips does too..

I was relieved when she posted her de reg letter and am feeling like the gap she left when not here for lunch, or to witness some Charlie Chaplinesque moves from her younger brothers, has been restored and filled. I feel whole again.

So, what's been going on chez Catbus?

Well, Manga Girl has an upcoming place in an art exhibition..she is working hard towards it and I am so very proud.
Mad Fairy now has a camcorder, so that has been entertaining! Her creativity really comes out there!
Both girls have started Forest School one day a week and absolutely love it.

Shouting Boy is nearly 4 now. Although he is akin to a whirling demolition site, he also has amazing moments of total focus and peace. He is showing me the way with autonomy big style: having done nothing formal with him, he has fantastic number recognition and can whip through a deck of cards telling you what most of them are.
And Jumping Bean is a beautiful, exhausting, toddling mischief, who I  can see is absorbing things daily.

That's me, touching base. There is so much more, but there is only so much you can type with one hand..

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